How to Help

How to Help RM Athletics

RM Athletics  

The interscholastic athletic program at RM includes competition in 20 sports, with 27 varsity-level teams and 13 junior varsity-level teams, offering approximately 900 athletic roster spots during the year.

To run at current levels, RM Athletics spends around $200,000 a year.  Of that $200,000, MCPS funds about $60,000.  After ticket sales and other athletic department income, the athletic department shortfall is about $90,000.  To help raise money MCPS allows high schools to have a Booster Clubs which provide financial support to the school.  RMHS Athletic Booster Club is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Contributions are always needed and are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

How to Help

Donate – 

  • Donate each season.  If donating for more than one student athlete, please do this for each student.  Donate Now   
  • Donate by Mail – Donation form for mail or drop off
  • Donate in person at the New Family BBQ, Meet the Coach Night, or Back To School Night
  • Parents are reminded of the Athletic Department financial need every season their child plays on a team and are welcome to contribute seasonally.

Support our Fundraisers –  

  • Start the season off right by making sure your athlete and their team are using the team’s TeamSnap account.  TeamSnap is a tool for coaches, players and parents to get team messages, team and parent rosters, schedule updates and more.  If your coach doesn’t have a consistent communication plan, ask for it.
  • Sign up for the Athletic Newsletter by going to the Constant Contact button on the Home Page.
  • Come to games
  • Come out to restaurant nights
  • Buy Mulch – Athletic Department biggest fundraiser held in March/April.  More info at 
  • Advertise your local business with our Banner and Website advertising program
  • Shop at the Booster’s Spirit Shack to get RM gear during Thursday lunch & at many sporting events.
  • Buy A Rockville Reward Card because when you Spend $25, RM Gets $25 and you get discounts that you can use all year. See the great discounts that come with the Rockville Reward Card


The Booster Club is the organizing group for Athletics and a first stop for anyone looking to help.  Here are some of the volunteer needs

Concession Stand– A fun way to help and meet new people.  Work an event or help shop.  The 5 home football games represent over 50% of our concession stand revenue. 

Mulch Sale– Held in March/April of each year.  The biggest fundraiser of the year doesn’t run without lots of support.  Go to for more volunteer info

Team Parents– Help the team organize rides, senior nights, concession stand coverage and more.

Spirit Shack Sales – Design, purchase and sell all things RM.

Event Organizers – The Booster Club is at its best when it can do more than just raise money.  Help with Dodgeball, Golf Outing, Fun Runs, or make an idea of you own come to life.

Sponsorship and Restaurant Nights –  About 10-20 hours in August and September and some follow up after

Social Media Help – Help promote athletics and our student athletes

E-Newsletter – 30 minutes a week to help keep the RM community up to date

Website Updates on a Word Press Platform – 15-30 minutes a week.

Donations – Someone who is kind and generous with their time and who likes to find others who are kind and generous with their money.  Couple hours each sport season

Team Parents – Team Parents who want to help the coach, work with TeamSnap and help build community around your athlete’s sport.

Rockville Reward Card Coordinator – This is an easy to administer fundraiser.  Help make the schedule handout and promote the program to the fall coaches.

President – Admittedly not the best job but rewarding nonetheless.  We have a great framework and good core of volunteers so this job is good for someone who is organized, good at recruiting others to help and not afraid to jump in when something needs to be done.

Vice President – Want to help keep events and activities organized but don’t have time to be at a lot of things?  We have two positions – VP Programs and VP of Fundraising.  You’re able to pick the kind of things you want to help with.

Secretary – Great job for those who are organized, like to see how the group runs and want to contribute as you have time

Treasurer  –  Great way to help the organization run without needing to be at every event.

To volunteer email any Booster Board Member or go to the Volunteer button on the Home Page