Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Tavares Cooper Class of 2000- Football and Basketball

LeRoy Dimes Jr. Class of 1980- Baseball

Walter Eull Class of 1968-Football & Track

Michael Goodwin Class of 2005-Tennis

Katura Harvey Class of 2007-Swim & Dive

Timothy Mulcahy Class of 1967-Football & Wrestling

Andy Phelps Class of 1969-Football

Gary Paquet Class of 1970-Baseball and Football

Jonathan Davy Rogers Class of 1998-Cross Country, Indoor Track & Track and Field

Steven Weedon Jr. Class of 2005-Football & Basketball

Charles “Skip” Weitz, Jr. Class of 1969-Football, Wrestling & Track and Field

Coach Allen Avery Jr. 1974-1991-Coach: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, Golf & Teacher

Lifetime Achievement Award-Coach Lowell Fritts –Teacher, Coach: Baseball & Cross Country

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